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7 Reasons To Host A Winter Wedding

Roaring wood fires, roasted chestnuts and glasses of steaming mulled wine. The lush scent of wet earth after a storm, wind-blushed cheeks and knit scarves. Hands intertwined to fight the chill, magical misty mornings and clear bright afternoons. 

The charms of winter are plentiful, and there’s no better time to host a wedding than in the cooler, quieter months. We adore a good winter wedding and think you will too, but if you need a little more convincing, here are seven reasons you should consider hosting your most magical of days in the off-season…

1. It’s undeniably aesthetic

Most of us adore summer, but winter has a unique charm that translates effortlessly to events. First, there’s the cosy factor. Guests rugged up in faux-fur boleros and cashmere scarves step out to enjoy a breath of cool fresh air before returning to the glowing warmth of the reception, shedding their layers along the way. Seasonal menus shine, highlighting the wonders of warm winter fare like hearty roast pumpkin, rich burgundy stews, warm sticky date pudding and a hot toddy or three. The garden is alive and flourishing with all the rain, contrasting perfectly against the white of a bride’s gown or the crisp collar of a groom’s tuxedo. Fairy lights illuminate the oncoming evening and everywhere people are warming their hands and hearts on roaring open fires. Winter breathes romance, and there’s nothing like a wedding to keep the chill at bay.  

2. The availability is unrivalled

Many couples embarking on their wedding planning journey have fallen in love with a location or date, only to find it heartbreakingly unavailable. One indisputable benefit of a winter wedding is the improved availability of dream dates, venues, experiences and entertainment. By shirking the competition of peak season, you will have access to the very best without compromise. 

3. It’s far more comfortable than a summer wedding

We all know the pitfalls of summer; sweat, mosquitos, sunburn and chafing. With a winter wedding, you can be sure to party in complete comfort. That means no sweating off your makeup, no frizzy hair from the humidity, no bug bites and absolutely no sunburn that even the very best aloe vera gel can’t salvage. Guests are more relaxed and you can dance the night away with your nearest and dearest without overheating. Photos also tend to turn out better, clearer and more poised without the added challenge of heat. You can’t spell winter without a win!

their talent and good looks. Georgia & Samantha had Tequila attend their Engagement Party, and it was wonderful to be able to carry this through to their reception, and to have the bonded connection already with the guests. Tequila and a 7-piece jazz band lead the night full of singing and dancing that carried on for hours into the night.

4. It’s more affordable

Paired with the improved accessibility of key dates and venues, winter weddings are also vastly more affordable. Many venues and providers will have financial incentives in place to combat the reduced demand during the cooler months. Over at SEG, we’ve released our winter wedding offer; a 50% discount on ceremonies when booked alongside a reception at one of our stunning venues and an absolutely unbeatable per-head cost of as little as $134. Our services include world-class catering, drinks, lighting and even security – all for a fraction of on-season prices. 

5. Guests are more available

Another boon of a winter wedding is the availability of your loved ones. Guests are often freer to attend your special day without the constraint of summer holiday plans, and their travel can be significantly cheaper if coming from afar. Accommodation is more readily available, meaning guests won’t have to fight for a room and will likely find the planning process less stressful; a win-win for everyone. 

6. Less wedding fatigue

Spring and summer are usually overflowing with competing priorities for your guests; other weddings, events, travel and family commitments. By hosting your wedding in winter, you’ll reduce their party fatigue and ensure that they have the most enjoyable experience possible. A winter wedding is also something for your guests to look forward to during the slower months and will stand out against the sea of warm weather weddings. 

7. It’s an excuse to dress to the nines

The outfits of you and your guests are often dictated by the weather, and a winter wedding is the perfect time to go all out; think black-tie, gowns and long coats. Without the chance of overheating, you and your loved ones are completely unhindered in the wardrobe department and can dress up – or down – depending on the desired attire. Plus, who doesn’t love an excuse to wear that stunning dress or elegant suit that’s been sitting in the back of your closet just waiting for the perfect event?

So there you have it: seven of many reasons you should consider hosting a glittering, glamorous winter wedding. With our winter wedding discounts and a host of gorgeous venues, packages and aesthetics to choose from, it’s never been a better time to book. We are now taking bookings for May, June and July 2023, so chat with us today to transform your perfect winter wedding from a cosy fantasy into a glowing reality.