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Three Winter Event Trends To Help You Beat The Chill

Love it or hate it, winter in Melbourne is a sight to behold. 

Gone are the balmy evenings, Aperol spritzes and weekend pilgrimages to Brighton Beach. Instead, the city seems to hold its breath – relishing in serene frost-covered mornings, fog-laden streets and gentle showers of rain. There’s beauty in warm wool scarves, in hot coffees clasped between chilled hands and the allure of a roaring fireplace. 

Here at Showtime Event Group, we absolutely adore winter, and we think you should too. While it might be tempting to stay buried under the blankets, winter is the perfect time to bring guests together and beat the chill for good.

With a focus on the big, the bright and the bold, our winter event trends will help you throw a party to be proud of. Whether you’re dreaming of a lavish wedding reception, a refined corporate function, a dazzling birthday celebration or something else entirely, keep reading for easy ways to elevate your next winter event to perfection.

Trend 1: Dial Up The Drama

Our first (and favourite) winter event trend celebrates the fantastical with a focus on dramaticism. 

We love events that blend fantasy and reality, that leave guests wondering if they’ve tumbled down a rabbit hole and into an extraordinary hidden world. Winter, with its increased venue and supplier availability, feels like the perfect time to throw a party with no holds barred. 

Think lavish dining tables dripping with pearls in the candlelit halls of State Library Victoria, or an opulent masquerade dance in the golden ballroom of Rippon Lea Estate. Think towering ice sculptures, glittering chandeliers, drama-filled performances and lush seasonal cocktails. 

While minimalism has its place, winter occasions call for unrestrained grandeur. Let your imagination run wild and start planning from there.

Trend 2: The Bigger, The Better

Bigger is undeniably better when it comes to creating a jaw-dropping winter wonderland. 

Playing with oversized elements and exaggerated proportions is an easy way to amplify a sense of magic within your event space, whether that be a larger-than-life floral installation or an expansive dining table that spans the whole venue.

One way we love adding height to our table centrepieces is by opting for tiered floral plinths. Instead of placing vases of smaller blooms at eye level, try incorporating sturdy metal stands of various heights to the mix and draping with dynamic eye-catching florals to make guests feel like their very own Alice in Wonderland. 

Trend 3: Stage A Spectacular

This winter, take your event’s entertainment to new heights with large-scale, immersive performances to keep your guests utterly entranced.

While we love subtle background music for ambience, this season is all about adding a layer of otherworldly flair to your occasion with unique acts. Think soaring vocals, gravity-defying acrobatics, a Broadway-style dance troupe or a host of glitzy cabaret performers. 

Having a main act at your event can help keep guests engaged and define the flow of the evening. Plus, who doesn’t love a good show? 

So there you have it; three ways to make winter the best event season of all! Still unsure? Chat with us today about how we can transform your dream event into a glittering reality. With a host of gorgeous venues, packages and aesthetics to choose from, there’s never been a better time to book.