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Lucky In Love: Georgia & Samantha

Sometimes love comes into our lives when we least expect it – and what an absolute pleasure it is when you get pierced with an unassuming cupid’s arrow. Well, Georgia and Samantha may still be licking their wounds in this case. During what was originally considered an “abysmal” game of futsal, Georgia noticed Samantha watching from afar and struck up a conversation. What could have been a 5 minute chat with a stranger turned into a 5 year relationship of love, happiness and now… marriage!

The Proposal

After three years together, Georgia found the perfect opportunity to pop the question, which she had patiently been waiting to ask. Georgia arranged for a romantic getaway to Falls Creek that was full of surprises, and created a fairy-tale moment for Samantha. Better yet, we will let Georgia tell the story of the beginning to the next chapter in their lives.

‘I organised a private sunset snowmobile tour. When we came through this picturesque setting where all you could see was white and a forest of bare trees, I gave the signal for the tour guides to start distracting Sam. I then went and set up a projector (it was a small portable one that I could hide on me) where once I regained Sam’s attention, I proceeded to project a video onto the snow of a mash-up of home movies of the two of us from the past three years. It was then that I got on one knee (sunk a bit into the snow) and popped the Q!’

If this doesn’t want to make you melt into a puddle of tears, then we don’t know what will.

The Planning

Finding a wedding venue can be the hardest part of the planning process. It needs to fit the aesthetics you are going for; it needs to not only be a place that guests will love, but one that you will look back on in years to come and still admire. Georgia and Samantha had that exact moment when they walked into Ian Potter Queen’s Hall at State Library Victoria. Samantha turned to Georgia and said ‘this is it!’

Unfortunately, luck was not on their side. Months out from their day there was water damage that occurred in The Ian Potter Queen’s Hall. For some couples, this might have deterred them or be seen as a bad omen. This was not the case for Georgia and Samantha. Not letting this ruin the day they had planned for months, Georgia & Samantha decided to take their reception to the exquisite La Trobe Reading Room. La Trobe Reading Room is a historical masterpiece. The space within the Library has been open since 1913, has six levels of true architect genius, and a dome skylight to bring in natural light.

Wedding planning can be stressful and time consuming. Some couples let one person take the lead, other couples fully immerse themselves in the experience. Georgia and Samantha were fully immersed.

We asked Georgia and Samantha what their favourite part of the planning process was:

‘For us it would be been the menu tasting – it was such a fun night with really good food, and it allowed us to almost experience our wedding as a guest.’

The Look

Weddings are for the couple to express their love and commitment to each other. And although guests are present to celebrate the love of the couple, no one could deny that checking out the couple’s choices in outfits is certainly an anticipated moment enjoyed at the big reveal.

Georgia wore a custom classic tuxedo, with velvet Jimmy Choo loafers to tie the look together.

Samantha was ‘breathtaking’ in a white strapless Pronovias gown that had a detailed bodice and flowing train.

The Party

The reception kicked off in Cowen Gallery at State Library Victoria, with a flow of salted caramel espresso martinis and oysters with canapes for guests upon arrival. Whilst guests were drinking and chatting, Georgia and Samantha were sneaking around the library with their photographer to capture some private moments. Often during a wedding, the couple doesn’t get much time to embrace the moment. We think this time to take photographs together is important, it gives them sound downtime before the chaos of the party.

White roses filled La Trobe Reading Room, with white linen throughout the room. Tying in with a classic aesthetic, stationary was simple in white and black. The crystal cut coupe champagne glasses gave accents of old worldly charm, which compliments the art and history within the room.

Georgia has a love for art deco. However, according to Georgia, Sam prefers simple minimalism. The two found a mergence of the styles to help compliment the library’s classic beauty.

Whilst Georgia and Samantha were the stars of the show, there was someone else who was in the spotlight – Que the Master of Ceremony, Tequila Mockingbird. Tequila spent the night hyping the guests and creating a memorable experience with their talent and good looks. Georgia & Samantha had Tequila attend their Engagement Party, and it was wonderful to be able to carry this through to their reception, and to have the bonded connection already with the guests. Tequila and a 7-piece jazz band lead the night full of singing and dancing that carried on for hours into the night.

Advice from the couple:

We always ask our couples of any advice they would give to others planning their wedding.

Georgia and Samantha said ‘just enjoy it – little issues (sometimes bigger) will always come up, but stick to what matters most to you about the day and what you want to get out of it and you’ll be just fine.’


Cake: Boutique Cake Art

Band: Lily Road

Photographer: LJM Photography

Videographer: Annette + Dani

Flowers: Bouquet Melbourne

Dress: Pronovias

Suit: Isadora Nim

Rings: Tiffany’s / Brilliant Earth

MC: Tequila Mockingbird