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Promenade Events – South Wharf

Large Scale Productions mean cohesiveness, planning and a serious passion for organisation and logistics. It is these skills that come together with the various venues on South Wharf to create our highly anticipated promenade events.

Up to 5500 people come down to the wharf to celebrate public and private events, some are secretive in nature and others are outright parties! From progressive dinners, where guests begin with cocktails and move through, ThaiJapaneseModern Australian and Tapas in a tantalizing taste bud experience, to unique creative conferencing events for big business bringing their employees into a tailored environment.

These events are possible by working in conjunction with South Wharf Events and the passion we and the surrounding business’ have for creating unique experiences. Having one of our promenade events or block parties are perfect for bringing guests into a foreign environment outside of the typical convention centres or basic plain event rooms.
Contact us for further details about what boutique Promenade Events we can mould to your needs.