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Hands On Major Events
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Large Scale Events – An Insight

Here at Showtime we enjoy a challenge. In the business of events planning its the big productions that provide that unique challenge, where we thrive. Major events can be from 1000 to over 5000, they can consist of full three course dinner service or block parties and everything in between. Abi, our senior major events producer answers a few questions to give a little more insight into Showtime Event Groups major productions work.

What is exciting about producing large scale events?

Always the people. More guests, more staff, greater diversity. It is so rewarding speaking with the attendees and seeing which of the areas appealed to them and gauging their reaction to the different activation’s.

What is the largest major event you have been a part of?

In terms of managing the planning from start to finish, it would most likely be a cocktail party across 10 venues for 5,000 guests.

What has been a standout feature in a major event (activities, custom building setup etc.)?

Don’t laugh, I get a lot of slack for this. Through all the amazing entertainment, fireworks, marquees and food and beverage we have been lucky enough to arrange, I still go on about a Rocky Road station which we had last year. It was a simple large white food station, surrounded by huge pastel balloons. You just couldn’t walk past it without trying something.

What challenges do you face organizing major events that aren’t there in smaller productions?

Absolutely the same, just on a different scale. More opinions, more equipment to power, more vehicles on site, more wine to chill, more aprons to iron, more staff to feed, more lights to set and more cables to secure. The key is to divide and conquer and delegate, and to keep yourself ready for those inevitable surprises!

If you had one sentence to tell someone why Showtime would be the go to producer for major events what would you say?

We don’t compromise. We don’t cut corners. Everything we execute is of the same standard. If there are 30x more guests, then there are 30x more staff.

What event in the world do you think would be the most difficult to produce? (The Oscars, Festivals, Presidential Dinner etc?)

Haha, no idea. Managing the talent will definitely be a job for someone else. I know my limitations! However, I can assure you that the room will look amazing, the service will be exceptional and the food will be stunning.