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Menu Old Melbourne Gaol
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Showtime Event Group Launch – Menu

Vasantha our Executive Chef at Showtime uses his extensive experience of almost 40 years in professional kitchens to create unique menus for our special events. Describing the process as a symphony, having to find the right melody to create the perfect flavours that work together as a whole.

Below is the Cocktail Menu specifically created by Vas for our Showtime Event Group launch on the 18th of February at the Old Melbourne Gaol. Read on with caution, it’ll make you hungry!

Cold Canapes

Popcorn & chipotle mayo prawn Popsicle

Air dried bresaola, parmesan custard, puff pastry crisp, thyme salt

Tasmanian salmon Tataki, wasabi sesame dressing, yuzu pearl, pickled cucumber

Honey roast pumpkin medallion, Yarra valley Persian feta, Peruvian Sweet pepper drops, shaved smoked almond, blue corn tostada

Hot canapés

Slow braised mini lamb rillettes, minted labneh, Dukkah spice

 Baby confit potato, wild mushroom duxelle, aged cheddar and mustard gratin

Reshmi chicken bites, green chutney, cabbage Kachumber served on Pandan leave

Hand held

16 hours slow braised pork belly, Shaoxing wine jelly, pork floss

Seared marble score 9 wagyu beef, horseradish and black peeper infused form, truffle shaving

Asian Inspired Interactive Station

Smoked duck roll made to order with

Five spiced smoked duck, spring onions, cucumber, fried shallots, baby cos, plum and hoisin sauce, toasted sesame seeds

Showtime Display

Smoked lavender & lemon curd tarts, gold dust

Surrounded by different dessert textures

Raspberry, mango coulis pods

Different miniature meringue pods with natural crush

Edible flowers

Micro lemon balm

Painted milk and dark chocolate

Crushed pineapple

Freeze dried fruit elements

Double cream spoon spreads

Dessert Canapes (Pass Around)

Lemongrass pannacotta, roasted aromatic pineapple, mandarin elements

Palm sugar, cardamoms sago pudding cubes, mango jelly, freeze dried coconut

72% Dark Chocolate mousse, mini chocolate coffee

 cups, gold pearls, Persian pistachio fairy floss