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State Library Victoria

— 328 Swanston St, Melbourne VIC 3000

The newly developed State Library Victoria has unique event spaces, with four completely redeveloped and refurbished areas, restoring historical beauty and bringing contemporary refinement to events within Melbourne. From the stunning Ian Potter Queen’s Hall to conference centres and break-out spaces, the new and improved Library has it all. See what’s possible at the State Library for your event, exclusively through Showtime Event Group.

Cowen Gallery

This spectacular 19th-century gallery creates an atmosphere of prestige, refinement and exclusivity. Surrounded by original paintings and sculptures in a truly palatial setting.

  • 220

  • 120

  • 180

  • 400

  • 330

Isabella Fraser Room

This magnificent room boasts glorious high ceilings and large windows with beautiful natural light.

  • 156

  • 200

  • 150

  • 200

  • 308

La Trobe Reading Room

The Library’s most spectacular architectural feature, the dome, makes an impressive centrepiece for a special event.

  • 520

  • 1006

The Ian Potter Queen’s Hall

Closed to the public since 2003, Vision 2020 will unlock this majestic hall and open it to the public once again.

  • 220

  • 300

  • 180

  • 450

  • 955

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