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A tale as old as time – the wedding of Holly and Kate

We all love curling up with a good story. 

The characters entrance you, the plot beckons and the world extends a gentle hand to invite you in – weaving ribbons of light around your body until you’re no longer sitting in an armchair but galloping across ancient plains or traipsing through a neon city. 

There’s nothing quite like it, and luckily, Melburnians have the home of great stories right at their doorstep in the State Library of Victoria.

Established in 1854, the Library is home to no less than two million stories at present. Recently, this glittering neoclassical icon was enriched with the addition of another incredible fairy-tale – the love story of Holly and Kate. 

The couple knew from the beginning that they wanted a unique setting for their ‘I do’s.’ Drawn to the Library’s breathtaking gothic architecture and unique charm, Holly and Kate were overjoyed to secure their dream wedding venue without compromise. ‘It was such a great ‘Melbourne’ venue to showcase to interstate and international guests,’ said Holly of the location. ‘A spectacular backdrop for a special day.’ 

With the help of their SEG production team, the entire event was ‘seamless … just utter perfection.’ While planning a wedding can feel stressful, the couple’s dedicated planning team made them feel confident that their day would run like a well-oiled machine. From regular consultations to venue walkthroughs, Holly and Kate felt sure at every step that their wedding would align perfectly with their shared vision. No one wants to feel panicked on their big day, and our team ensured that Holly and Kate could party with their nearest and dearest in complete peace.

Guests were left floored by the elegant venue, attentive staff and effortless flow of events. Holly even mentioned that many of their guests commented on how wonderful the staff were, a testament to the fantastic interactions and helpful assistance of the team throughout the night.

‘If you’re planning anything that matters (from a wedding to a key event), you should look no further than Showtime. Consummate professionals, the Showtime team bring passion, care and extra-mile attentiveness and effort to everything they do. Our wedding exceeded our wildest dreams in every respect and that is a testament to the Showtime Team’, said Holly of the couple’s SEG experience. 

Congratulations Holly and Kate, we’re so thankful you chose us to help bring your dream to life!