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Experiences Old Melbourne Gaol Venue Video
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‘Bail Out’ 2018 at The Old Melbourne Gaol

This year Showtime Event Group partnered up with the fantastic White Lion group to produce the fundraising event ‘Bail Out’ at The Old Melbourne Gaol. The White Lion group is responsible for a range of community programs that are created solely to give young people an equal chance in the world. These include school outreach, counselling, house and more supporting at risk youth.

Now in its tenth year the Bail Out fundraiser aims to give participants a real experience instead of the usual fundraising affair. Those guests raise money through backers who sponsor their ‘Bail’ to get out of Gaol after a mock trial and time spent in holding. Not only providing an unforgettable evening but also letting those participants try and understand what it might be like for a young person locked up behind bars. But that’s just the formalities. The evening then kicked off once guests were released from their cells and joined the party with for drinks, canapés and music!

A roaring success in every way the event raised close to half a million dollars while also letting patrons experience the wonderful Old Melbourne Gaol, an event space unlike any other.