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Venue Old Melbourne Gaol Experiences
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Gaol Experiences – More than a Historical Site

You’ve chosen one of the most unique spaces possible for your next event, so why not add a unique experience, custom created for your group. We work with the National Trust programs, and several key suppliers to create a range of different options for entertainment.

Watch House Experience Tour

The City Watch House was the place where felons were brought to face justice whether arrested in the streets of Melbourne for minor misdemeanours or being brought before the court for significant crimes. The Watch House was built in 1909 and operated until 1994 and its original interior is complete in every respect. The Watch House Experience is a 40 minute interactive experience like no other. With a Charge Sergeants as guides, guests are ‘arrested’ and encounter what it is like to be locked up. Pre-dinner drinks and canapés are served throughout the experience, with a ‘Mug Shot’ photo opportunity on completion.

The Former City Watch House

Ghost Tours

The Gaol can be a grim place with the right guide. Let its dark history be rediscovered. Stories abound of an unexplainable presence. Over many years, these stories come from visitors and staff alike. None have been proved. All are compelling. Join this night tour at the Old Melbourne Gaol — if you dare! Tours are run by guides across the top levels of the Old Melbourne Gaol. It is recommend that up to 20 guests take the tour at a time, and groups can rotate through out the event duration. Each tour runs for approximately 20 minutes. Add a ghost tour guide to your event for those who dare to explore the prisoners still residing in the upper floor cells.

The Hangman’s Tour

What stories would a hangman tell you if he was guiding you around the Gaol, where he was the master of the rope? What other stories from the dark side will find their way into this performance?

The Hangman’s Tour has been developed into a monologue performance, told by the actor (as the former executioner), and is an informative, provocative and entertaining performance from a perspective you may have not heard before.

Get Amid the History – One of The Old Melbourne Gaol’s Cells

Court Room Dramas

What better way to activate the Old Magistrates Court, than with a re-enactment of some of the most famous trails the space has seen. Guests don costumes, wigs and outfits to transport them to another era, and follow scripts that unfold with iconic history lessons.

We also tailor these options for Murder Mysteries, Melodramas, and modern drama comedy sketches. To find out more contact us.