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A Whimsical Purple Affair: Melanie and Hat’s Enchanting Rippon Lea Estate Wedding

In a world painted in shades of purple, Melanie and Hat’s love story unfolded amidst the timeless grandeur of Rippon Lea Estate. Showtime Event Group helped the couple in planning an unforgettable celebration, weaving together an array of exceptional suppliers to craft a day that perfectly encapsulated the couple’s unique journey. 

Melanie’s dream of a purple-hued fairytale was brought to life in her exquisite custom-made tulle gown. Draped in layers of ethereal purple fabric, she radiated elegance and sophistication as she walked down the aisle, her gown a true embodiment of her favourite colour. Hat’s eyes sparkled as he beheld his bride, a vision of beauty and grace that he would forever hold dear.

Radiating an air of timeless elegance, Sarah Maree was an ethereal vision in bespoke bridal attire crafted by the renowned couture designer, Jason Grech. Draped in an exquisite gown, she donned a classic off-the-shoulder bodice, embellished with a delicate cascade of tulle that gracefully caressed her bare arms. Her golden locks were elegantly swept back, a portion cascading gently to the side, accentuated by the dazzling allure of drop earrings that framed her face.

The union of Melanie Stow and Hattem Serewa was a celebration of love’s undeniable magic. Amidst the lush gardens of Rippon Lea Estate, surrounded by their nearest and dearest, Melanie and Hat exchanged vows that echoed with promises of forever. Their journey, a tapestry of shared moments and dreams, was beautifully woven into the fabric of their wedding day.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, Melanie and Hat’s celebration continued with a cocktail reception that exuded opulence in Rippon Lea Estate’s grand ballroom. Guests were treated to a visual feast of lush purples, gold accents, and delicate floral arrangements by Twig & Type. The enchanting atmosphere set the stage for an evening of laughter, toasts, and magical memories.

In the heart of Melbourne, amidst love’s embrace, Sarah Maree Cameron and Yonis Dawd embarked on a chapter of love and togetherness. Their union, a fusion of cultures and traditions, stands as a testament to the power of love that transcends boundaries, a poignant reminder that love’s journey is woven with threads of shared dreams, laughter, and endless devotion.

Showtime Event Group’s offering was elevated by the contributions of talented suppliers. Capturing every angle, Hello Chloe May’s photography immortalised the day’s most cherished moments. DJ Kitty Kat’s musical prowess ensured that the dance floor remained alive with energy and excitement. Miss Ladybird Cakes transformed Melanie and Hat’s vision into a delectable reality with a custom cake that delighted the senses. And Ryan Lee Wedding’s videography allowed the couple to relive their story in motion, forever etching their love in time.

Here’s to the beginning of forever, where every moment is painted in hues of purple.

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